Private GSM / Private LTE
Its own low power GSM network connected to your PBX!
Since 2010 you can own a GSM network for your organization create the ideal workplace, you have mobile coverage everywhere, no charge for mobile traffic, excellent accessibility, great ease of use and your network is integrated with your PBX.

Private GSM after 2013 unlicensed

There is a strategic memorandum to the House calling for the unlicensed use of DECT guard band (Private GSM) after 2013 to continue. This is good news for the concept. Read page 23 of the document below and concluded:
"To ensure that unlicensed use can also join with the latest technological developments has decided to permit the free use, in principle, be extended to a channel of 2 x 5 MHz"

Easy to pair with our DAS, so you Private & Public GSM UMTS or LTE coverage throughout your premises!
IndoorSolution can be used in a standalone solution to provide communications services between closed communities of users.
Alternatively, it can be integrated directly to a carrier or company network for offsite calls.
This allows companies to integrate cellular telephony into their enterprise IP-PBX infrastructure via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), empowering staff with greater freedom and mobility around their site and reducing mobile call costs for calls made between individuals in the business.
IndoorSolution can be installed as a 4G LTE only network or a combination of 2G GSM.

Also WIFI 2.4Ghz easy connection!

Want to know what smart management of your mobile phone and create your own GSM network for your organization provide?

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