HYBRID DAS Solutions

Hybrid DAS solution is a combination of active and passive components, normally a concept of Fiber Optic Repeater based solutions. Solution consists of a master and remote unit which supports CDMA, GSM900, GSM 1800, WCDMA and LTE based on customer requirements. A master unit converts the RF signals to optical and this can be connected to remote units via Fiber Optical Cable. Remote unit converts the optical signals to original RF signal. Remote unit is further connected to a passive DAS to extend the coverage to the desired areas.

Key features of Fiber Optic Repeater
Master unit:

  • Each Master Unit can be equipped up to 8 Remote Units
  • Local and remote supervision through EMS
  • Remote Unit is able to communicate via fiber through Master Unit
  • A second PSU for redundancy (optional)
  • Highly scalable with individual modular sub-rack design

Remote Unit:

  • Fiber Optic
  • Modular platform infrastructure
  • Output Power:20W/band
  • Versatile interfaces supporting various applications
  • Slim and compact profile
  • Supports scalable deployment and ease of service