Our Cellular Wireless Services involve the use of professional measurement tools such as spectrum analyzers, Base station Analyser and cellular simulation test set to ensure successful cellular coverage inside building for enterprise customer and externally for service providers. In today's cellular world, poor reception in office buildings, parking garages and airports can lead to missed calls, opportunities, and loss of revenue.

Many enterprise organizations do not have reliable and critical call coverage inside various building. IndoorSolution can provide a detailed cellular analysis and use this survey to project your need for a DAS or Small Cell deployment to provide adequate coverage.

Cellular Wireless Surveys

  • Scan frequencies between 698 MHz & 2690 MHz.
  • DAS design and deployments
  • 2G/3G/4G, GSM, UMTS, LTE, PCS, AWS, SMR900, CDMA
  • Signal strength coverage heap map
  • Verify antenna performance
  • Frequency duty Cycle graph
  • Spectrum density graph
  • Overall coverage and performance reports
  • BYOD network readiness assessment
  • Coverage of Public Safety bands

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