Active DAS Solutions

Active DAS solution is designed to provide excellent RF coverage over large areas for multiple cellular services irrespective of carrier frequency or technology.

This system consists of primary hub, secondary hub and remote units. Primary hub interfaces with BTS and converts the RF signal to fiber optic signals. A primary unit can be connected to 8 secondary hubs and each secondary hub can be connected to 8 remote units. Primary hub can accept any wireless technology from a RF band ranging from 150MHz to 2700MHz which supports all the existing technologies (TETRA, CDMA, GSM 900, GSM 1800, WCDMA, LTE & Wi-Fi). The power source to the primary hub and secondary hub can be connected locally. All remote units can be powered centrally through a CAT5/6 cable from the secondary hub locations.

Key Features of Active DAS.

  • One primary hub distributes 8 secondary hubs and each secondary hub to eight remote units.
  • Scalable & easily upgradable system without additional modules
  • Same system supports both FDD & TDD
  • Can be used over multi-mode (MMF) or single mode fiber(SMF)