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IndoorSolution BV is an independent subsidiary of Pasvision Beheer B.V. www.pasvision.nl specialists in the field of business communications systems.

Mobile integration with the PBX (Private GSM) is a development which the cell ascordless phone can be used. (replacement of its own DECT system)
For this it is of great importance that the cellular coverage within a company oroffice building is optimal.
No, bad or mediocre cellular signal is in many offices and business buildings a disturbing problem.
We specialize in improving the cellular signal inside buildings.
Our specialists provide cellular network measurements, installation and service of our cellular repeaters and DAS systems in the Netherlands.
We are importer, distributor of GSM repeaters and DAS systems our affordable solution for small and large buildings.

Expertly arranged and installed in the correct location cellular Repeaters will only display the desired result.
Our prices include installation and 24 months exchange warranty.
Cost-free site survey (signal measurement).
Quotations are based on fixed prices.
Our specialists install the repeaters and DAS systems professionally for guaranteed results.